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EASOS Flood Watch helps to improve the overall awareness of flood risks. It enables authorities to activate relevant evacuation plans and to consider short-term flood defences. The design of Flood Watch allows the extraction of maximum intelligence from flood risk and prediction information to create a powerful decision support capability. Whether implemented for planning, exercise management, pre-emptive action, or crisis management; the application offers huge value to those responsible for flood management. 

EASOS Flood Watch can automatically generate 4 flood forecasts every day. The movement of water is modelled taking into consideration land use, vegetation coverage, topology, and other available data. The application utilises a gridded model of river and surface water flows including areas of inundation. Live impact forecasting predicts flooding where there is too much water to be absorbed or drained. Flood impact mapping is used to predict the depth, duration, and extent of flooding using highly accurate modelling techniques. This enables a wide range of possibilities for localised disaster risk management, allowing information at street level precision. 

Through innovative integration of population statistics, a true picture of impact can be created by using infrastructure data such as road networks, railways, government buildings, emergency centres etc. 

EASOS Flood Watch models all major flooding mechanisms - Fluvial (river), Pluvial (surface water) and Tidal (coastal). This analysis is used in the following ways:

  • Hazard Maps provide static analysis maps showing 1 in 5, 20, 100, 1,000 and 10,000-year scenarios for each flood mechanism. These maps are used to interpret potential flood extents and depths across each region allowing a range of scenarios to be visualised by increasing or decreasing the severity of the event.

  • Exposure Maps show the relative exposure based on the population living in each area to better understand the impact of predicted flooding.

  • Risk Maps show the total population at risk of flooding by single or multiple flood mechanisms. This allows analysis of the relative flood risk considering probability and the impact on the population.

EASOS Flood Watch allows authorities to have visibility of the total extent of flooding and affected populations. This helps improve vital readiness planning, the deployment of mitigation measures, and to optimise post-flood recovery periods.

EASOS Flood Watch is a state-of-the-art application capable of defining areas of a country at risk of flooding. Flood Watch generates alerts, forecasts flooding up to 7 days in advance, produces actionable information about impacted areas, and allows for more targeted operations by emergency planners. Ultimately, by providing advanced decision support, this enables a reduction in the number of fatalities, damage to personal property, businesses and infrastructure.


EASOS Flood Watch enables:

  • Flood Forecasting up to 7 days in advance

  • Flood Hazard and Risk Modelling

  • Advanced decision support

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